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Hi, I'm Stephanie

a digital marketing and UX/UI design professional passionate about transforming complex problems into innovative solutions with meticulous research, thoughtful design, and user-centered testing. Transitioning from a successful career in account management, I have honed my abilities to listen, empathize, and understand the unique needs of others. This innate talent for understanding diverse perspectives has naturally translated into a fascination with human behaviors and motivations. I am thrilled to embark on this design journey, bringing my strategic insights and empathetic skills to the forefront of human-centered design. 

Outside of work I enjoy getting lost in my watercolors, relaxing with a good read, and attempting to roller skate. You can usually find me hiking through my favorite bay area trails, or trekking through the high sierras over a long weekend. As a certified wine specialist, I love all things food and wine and am always on the lookout for new restaurants to try - recommendations are appreciated!

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